About Us

WIS is a not-for-profit, registered charity organization providing programs and services to newcomers in the Western Manitoba region. In addition to being a service provider, we liaise with community groups and organizations to work towards building capacity in our community for improving services to immigrants and refugees.
Westman Immigrant Services assists newcomers in the Westman area by providing adult English classes and settlement services.
  • Immigrants have the right to fully participate in the social, political, cultural and economic life of Canada.
  • Immigrants are vital to our economy.
  • Settlement services are an integral part of the social services system.
  • The strengths and benefits of a culturally diverse society are recognized and appreciated.
  • Social Justice, Equality and Equity: We believe that every immigrant is entitled to equal access and opportunities to fully participate in Canadian society.
  • Diversity: We respect the differences among people and believe that immigrants offer unique contributions to our society.
  • Partnership & Cooperation: We believe in partnership and cooperative working relationships with other community organizations with similar interests and shared values that build on each other’s strengths.