Care for Newcomer Children

Our Care for Newcomer Children (CNC) program is located at the Kids’ Corner space at the WIS Brandon office. The program provides free child care service to newcomer who are permanent residents. The age range for our services is children from 19 months to 12 years.

CNC long term care (LTC) is child care support for children who participate regularly, over an extended period of time. It is available for parents who attend 8 week or longer workshops or English classes. Kids’ Corner has limited space so we conduct a needs assessment to ensure a spot for clients who require the service the most.

Short term occasional care is child care support for children who participate on a one-time basis or at intervals over a period of time. If you need child care during your assessments, family programs or appointments with our settlement facilitators, ask for child care when booking an appointment.

Important Information
  • Parents must remain ON SITE (cannot leave the building) when children are in care of CNC staff.
  • When using the CNC for the first time, parents need to sign a registration form to give consent for child care service.
  • CNC staff need to take a copy of your MB Health card for emergency purposes.
  • CNC LTC is available for parents who attend English classes only for one school year. If you need a spot for the following year, you have to register again. CNC staff will inform you about the registration days.
  • The CNC staff includes trained early childhood educators and child care assistants to provide the best care for your children.

Our CNC program is free to newcomers who are permanent residents. This is made possible thanks to our ongoing support from our funders:

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada

United Way Brandon & District

City of Brandon

Brandon Healthy Families Team (Prairie Mountain Health)