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Diversity & Inclusivity

Westman Immigrant Services (WIS), is partnering with Brandon University Cares Research Centre and the City of Brandon to invite Board Members of Non-Profit Organisations to explore conversations related to Diversity and Inclusivity.

If you are interested in being part of these sessions, please choose any 1 of these 2 available focus group discussions.

These sessions will be led by Dr. Michelle Lam from Brandon University Cares Research Centre, and City Councillor Sunday Frangi will be in attendance representing the City of Brandon.

Registration and Session Information:
  • Each session is open to a maximum of 2 Board Members from the same Organization, but Boards can send Members to all 4 sessions.
  • Space is limited for each session, and only open to Board Members of Non-Profit Organizations located in Brandon.
  • RSVP is required for each session, 24 hours prior to the session.
  • For the Ethics package, please click here.

If you have any questions, please email

Thursday November 25
Time: 5pm – 7pm
Venue: Westman Immigrant Services