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Equity, Diversity, & Inclusivity – Barriers to Employment

Brandon University Cares Research Centre and Westman Immigrant Services (WIS) have partnered to conduct a community engaged research project on barriers immigrants and newcomers are facing relating to employment.

Interim Report

Our Researcher, Dr. Ayodeji Osiname, has compiled an interim report based on feedback received from newcomers.

To view this report, click on this link.

Background information

This survey is part of the Community Voices: Inclusivity and Anti-Racism project – A previous community consultation that was undertaken by researchers at Brandon University CARES Research Centre identified that professional immigrants living within the Brandon area were struggling to find professional level employment (Lam, et al., 2021).

The current research study is entitled: Immigrants’ Employment and Credentialing Barriers. This survey is designed to develop an understanding of how immigrant professionals in Brandon interpret the local labor markets’ expectations as well as the skills required to navigate and identify appropriate employment opportunities. The information that will be collected in this survey will be used to identify supports that are required to build bridges between the immigrant professional population and local employers.

This survey is for professional immigrants living and working in Brandon area. This includes individuals who came to Brandon through the economic class (permanent residents, temporary residents).

If you have any questions about this survey or experience any technical difficulties completing the survey, please contact Dr. Ayodeji Osiname at

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