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Post-secondary students are faced with competing priorities – classes, exams, papers, family commitments, work and life, just to name a few. And for many, money is one of their top stressors. However, creating a budget is essential to making student life a little less stressful.

Join us for an interactive workshop/webinar where you’ll learn how to:

  • Find sources of funding for your education.
  • Manage expenses while in school.
  • Effectively budget and avoid asking “where did all my money go?”.
  • Strategies and assistance to repay student debt.
  • Understand your own credit history, report and score.
  • Apply skills to minimize financial stress.
  • Identify how your behaviour with credit now may impact your future – for better or worse; and
  • The difference between good and bad debt

To register, please call 204-727-6031 Ext. 2239 or visit .

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