WIS Language Centre

Accurate, Confidential, Impartial and Professional

“Your Words Are Heard”

WIS Language Centre (WISLC) provides professional, trained, and qualified interpreter services either in-person, virtually or by telephone. WISLC interpreters have been screened and vetted for language proficiency in English and the target language through the Interpreter Language Skills and Assessment Tools (ILSAT) test.

Successful candidates who pass the test, undergo an intensive skill-based training program, Community Interpreter Training Program. It occurs annually and equips interpreters with the skills, ethics, confidence and qualifications needed to successfully carry out their assigned duties.

WISLC interpreters are bounded by a professional Code of Ethics and adhere strictly to the Community Interpreter Standard of Practice.

Fees are associated with Interpretation Services. Please see below for costs.

Trained interpreters are:

Professional – behave in an ethical manner
Accurate – do not omit or add information
Confidential – treat all information as private and confidential
Impartial – do not take sides and refrain form personal involvement
Respect- treat all parties with respect
Accountable – maintain a high quality
Interpretation Services Include:
  • Message relay
  • Reminder calls
  • Sight translation
  • In-person interpretation.
  • Virtual interpretation.
  • Over the phone interpretation.
  • Conference calls interpretation
  • After hours interpretation.
After Hours Interpretation

We only provide after hours services to organizations between the hours of 5:01pm – 8:29am. For more information, please contact the WISLC booking coordinator by calling 204-724-9050.

Interpretation services are provided in these languages:


For more information and enquiries on interpretation services or concerns, please contact the WISLC Coordinator at

Office Cell: 204-740-0412
Office number: 204-727-6031 ext # 2237
Email: cindyh@westmanimmigrantservices.ca

These are the type of situation interpretation services might be valuable:
  • Medical appointments.
  • Legal/ court proceedings.
  • Social service appointments.
  • Public consultations.
  • Schools.
  • Business meetings.
  • Training and workshops.
  • Employment situations.
How to book an interpreter:
Phone: 204-724-9050
Email: cindyh@westmanimmigrantservices.ca
Fax: 204-725-4786

You will need to complete a booking form. Go to the online form or download the form and email it to our booking coordinator.

Please note: as much notice as possible is required when booking appointments!

Would you like to become an Interpreter?

Would you like to become an interpreter?
Please go to our Careers page to see what languages we are looking for and how to apply.

Billing Information + Cancellation Policy

In-person service within Brandon:

Hourly rate: $31.50 (subject to change)

  • All bookings are billed in a one-hour block. Therefore, if you have an appointment that runs for 1 hour and 10 minutes, you will be billed for 2 hours.

Above charges also apply to:

  • Cancellation notices of 24 hours or less.
  • Client or service provider non-attendance.

In-person service outside Brandon

  • Hourly rate: $31.50 (subject to change)
  • Mileage: $0.50 per km.

Telephone interpreting/ Message relays: $12.50 (subject to change)

After hours interpreting service fee is:

  • Standard fee $31.50 plus an additional after hours fee of $30.00

Cancellation Policy

Should there be any changes or cancellations to pre-booked services, it is important to immediately advise the Booking Coordinator at least 24 hours or more in advance to enable cancellation of the interpreter.

If an appointment is cancelled with one or more full business days’ notice or more than 24 hours notice, there will be no charge.

If an appointment is cancelled with less than one full business day’s notice or less than 24 hours notice, you will be billed the fee(s) of the booked time.

Please notify WISLC of cancellations by emailing: cindyh@westmanimmigrantservices.ca or by calling 204-724-9050.